Chicago White Sox players take to Instagram on La Russa comments

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(Photo by Ron Vesely/Getty Images) /

The Chicago White Sox are in the news right now for the wrong reasons. It has nothing to do with the fact that they have the best record in baseball and look like real World Series contenders. It has everything to do with the fact that the Minnesota Twins are angry at Yermin Mercedes and his manager didn’t even back him up. Our friends at NBC Sports Chicago posted a graphic with a quote from Yermin Mercedes and Tony La Russa on the same picture and it got some engagement from the players.

The Chicago White Sox has an issue with some of their managerial decisions.

Mercedes is taking a bit of heat right now because he swung at a 3-0 pitch and hit it out of the park. It was a blowout and the home run made it 16-4. It breaks the “unwritten rules” of baseball which is just a complete joke. Unfortunately, the Yerminator didn’t get any backup from his coach. Instead, he sort of threw him under the bus.

The quote from Mercedes was about how he just likes playing the game while having fun and how he isn’t going to change his style. On the bottom of the graphic, Tony La Russa’s comment about it never happening again appeared. NBC Chicago captioned it with “miss us with the unwritten rules”. They are clearly backing Yermin Mercedes more than his own manager.

It was very interesting that Yermin Mercedes liked the post from his personal account. He clearly doesn’t agree with any of this and just wants to continue to have fun. How can you blame him? He is having so much success after being a long shot to ever even make it to Major League Baseball.

The even more interesting part was a comment from Tim Anderson. He is clearly one of the vocal leaders in the clubhouse who also just so happens to be an elite player. His opinion carries a lot of weight in the eyes of most people. Tim commented:

"The game wasn’t over! Keep doing you big daddy"

He is right. Have you ever seen a team score eight runs in an inning? Of course, you have. The White Sox have been beaten into the ground by the Minnesota Twins for years and now the tables are turning. Nobody should ever think the game is over when it isn’t.

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Yermin playing at his best every time is exactly what they need. His best has saved the franchise this season in many ways with all of the injuries that he has. It is good to see them defending themselves and their teammates on social media.