Chicago White Sox: Billy Hamilton deserves all of the love

(Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images)
(Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images) /

Not many people were expecting much from Billy Hamilton in his Chicago White Sox tenure. He was seen as the guy who has a tremendous amount of speed that can also play defense. He was someone that folks were even mad about being on the roster. Well, over the last few weeks, Billy has gone from that guy to a fan favorite for a variety of different reasons. He has become a clear difference-maker more than once this season.

Chicago White Sox fans have loved what they’ve seen from Billy Hamilton in 2021.

Not only is he so easy to root for because of the way he plays and his personality, but he is also easy to root for because of his story. He told everyone that he didn’t only want to be known as “Billy the runner”. Tim Anderson told him that he can become “Billy the hitter” if he worked at it. Those two have formed a bond and it is just a remarkable story. Hamilton works hard and is a tremendous player. He deserves all of the love that he is getting.

On Tuesday night, with two men on base, he hit a ball to the outfield wall. He came all the way around the bases to score. It wasn’t scored as an inside-the-park home run because there was an error involved but he came around to score regardless. He became Billy the hitter and Billy the runner on the same play which is just so fun to watch.

He believes in himself and his teammates believe in him. That is a good recipe for those types of players who want to make an impact. It is safe to assume that Hamilton will be with the club through the season. He had the opportunity to be there because of some major injuries to guys like Eloy Jimenez and Luis Robert and he took it and ran. When those guys come back, he will be staying.

It is easy to root for the underdog types and that what Billy Hamilton has become. He also feels like a guy that the guys rally around. When he does something special, it seems like other players do as well. It has really been a lot of fun to watch unfold over the last few weeks.

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He even hit two legit home runs last week for his first two of the season. Not many people thought it was possible but he just continues to prove them wrong. He is going to be the perfect weapon to have once the playoffs roll around. Hopefully, the White Sox are able to reward Hamilton for his efforts with a deep playoff run.