White Sox: 2 players who justified team’s faith, 1 who hasn’t

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Chicago White Sox, Garrett Crochet
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The Chicago White Sox is a phenomenal baseball team. They are truly one of the best teams in the American League right now. A lot of people outside of Chicago won’t give them the credit they deserve until they prove it a little bit more but there is an incredibly bright future ahead of them. They have a good offense and good defense which is what you need to be considered a World Series contender. In addition to that, the pitching has been phenomenal which might be the biggest key.

The Chicago White Sox is in a good spot as an organization right now.

They have also gotten to this point without two of their best players. Luis Robert and Eloy Jimenez are both players that will be missing multiple months because of injury. When they return, they will be one of the most dangerous teams in the league because this pitching machine is adding two elite-run producers. The fact that they are in first place without these guys is a testament to their resolve and depth.

This rebuild has been hard. They moved some really good players in order to acquire young talent. There had to be many losing seasons in a row to get to this point but Rick Hahn deserves so much credit for putting this team together. There have been way more “hits” on prospects than “misses” which also comes with a little bit of luck.

There are two players, in particular, that have really lived up to the faith that the White Sox put in them so far. However, there is one that has failed to meet expectations and probably shouldn’t be with the team when they are fully healthy. These are the two players that deserve praise and the one that hasn’t lived up yet: