White Sox: Rick Hahn raises a question about all the 2021 injuries

(Photo by Mark Cunningham/MLB Photos via Getty Images)
(Photo by Mark Cunningham/MLB Photos via Getty Images) /

The Chicago White Sox, as everyone knows this season, have dealt with a lot of different injuries. It all started during Spring Training when Eloy Jimenez went down trying to rob a meaningless home run. He is the worst defensive outfielder the team has ever had so it feels like a fluke injury. However, once Luis Robert and Nick Madrigal went down in a similar way, things started to feel cursed.

The Chicago White Sox have had awful luck with injuries during the 2021 season.

It is even worse when you think about the fact that Tim Anderson, Lance Lynn, Michael Kopech, and Adam Engel have also spent time on the injured list. Rick Hahn has questioned it now and made his thoughts public after the Nick Madrigal announcement. He seems to be wondering the same thing that all of the fans are wondering and that is why are there so many injuries this year?

Steve Stone has made his opinion clear on the broadcast more than once. He believes that the 60 game season in 2020 is playing a role in all of this. The White Sox are not the only team in Major League Baseball that have dealt with injuries. There are few, however, that have taken a hit to key players the way the White Sox have.

Rick Hahn told everyone that they are looking into this internally. Hahn also said that Jerry Reinsdorf and Kenny Williams have been involved in these conversations as well. They have sports performance people (both internally and externally) communicating with them trying to come up with explanations.

Rick Hahn was very thorough with his thoughts on this matter. It could all be one big coincidence too but it is getting harder and harder to believe that. If a few of these guys come back before the end of the season they are talented enough to make a deep run but you never know how they will do without them.

Hopefully, Hahn and his staff are able to figure something out because this team can’t really afford to lose anybody else. Madrigal, Robert, and Jimenez combine for a lot of great offense and now the White Sox are going to be without it. In the case of Robert and Madrigal, that is a big loss on defense as well but they are a little bit deeper with that.

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The next step, in addition to keeping this from happening to anyone else, they need to make a move. It would be nice to see Rick Hahn go out there and find a bat that can be inserted into this group and help them go on a run. As long as the pitching stays dominant, they will stay afloat.