White Sox: Carlos Rodon has some choice words for Rob Manfred

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The Chicago White Sox and the rest of the teams in Major League Baseball learned about the new rules involving “sticky stuff” on Tuesday. Players who get caught are going to be suspended with pay for 10 games. It is a strange thing because of the fact that we are getting close to the halfway point of the season and they decided to change it now. Carlos Rodon had some interesting things to say about it following the news.

Carlos Rodon of the Chicago White Sox clearly believes the MLB is wrong.

Rodon doesn’t agree with the fact that this is a thing that players could get punished for when the 2017-2019 Houston Astros players didn’t even get in a little trouble for their sign-stealing scandal. It is something that is now going to be a topic of conversation for a long time now.

It is one thing to slow down the use of Spider Tack and other stuff like that but making things like rosin or sunscreen illegal seems kind of weird. There are a lot of pitchers that use this stuff for grip and it is something that can cause injury.

In fact, Tyler Glasnow injured himself during Monday night’s game between the Tampa Bay Rays and Chicago White Sox. Glasnow came out and told the media that he truly believes not using sunscreen played a part in his injury that is going to keep him out for a long time. Rodon clearly isn’t the only one who made something about this news.

Rodon doesn’t get into anything as far as name-calling or anything expletive but he makes his opinion known very clearly. He believes that if Rob Manfred can sleep at night knowing how he has handled all of this, including the Astros stuff, then all power to him. To be honest, you have to appreciate Rodon giving his honest and unfiltered opinion. This is obviously a hot topic around the sport and it is good to see him speak on it.

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Rodon has become a vocal leader in the White Sox clubhouse. He was close to being with another organization fighting for a job before the White Sox took a chance on him. He made the most of it and now he is in the AL Cy Young Award conversation. Hopefully, nobody on the White Sox (or any team) gets hurt as a result of this new rule. It is going to take some time to perfect this and it is nice to see Rodon step up and say something.