White Sox: 3 trade packages for Adam Frazier checkmate AL Central

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Chicago White Sox, Nick Madrigal
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The Chicago White Sox has had a tremendous amount of bad luck in 2021. Injuries have piled up and it is unknown how far they can go if they just let it be with what they have left. With how good their pitching has been so far this year, they should probably consider it the first full season of their current championship window.

We know that Eloy Jimenez and Luis Robert should be able to return at some point. That will add tremendous offensive pop to the starting lineup. However, Nick Madrigal wasn’t as fortunate. He had to undergo hamstring surgery which is going to put an end to his 2021 season. It is a tough loss but not now that the White Sox can’t overcome. If they make a smart move before the MLB trading deadline, they might be okay.

The Chicago White Sox should try to acquire Adam Frazier in a trade this summer.

One of those smart moves would be to trade for Adam Frazer of the Pittsburgh Pirates. He is a very good second baseman that could play with them for the rest of 2021 and potentially even beyond. Nick Madrigal will be back with no issues by spring 2022 but depth is key in Major League Baseball, as we are seeing with the 2021 White Sox.

Frazier would step in and play second base right now. Danny Mendick is a capable player but Frazier would be a significant upgrade as the White Sox look to take that next step this year. The Pirates are not very good and are surely going to try and sell off their most valuable assets as they build for the future. These are three trade packages that might get Frazier to Chicago: