White Sox: 3 trade packages for Adam Frazier checkmate AL Central

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Chicago White Sox, Jake Burger
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A pitcher with a position player might get a trade done for the Chicago White Sox.

The Chicago White Sox could really use a bat-like Frazier in addition to his glove at second base. It is a perfect fit for an organization that really wants to try and win the World Series more than once over the next few years. It is certainly going to be hard just to get one so they are going to need all of the help that they can get. If Frazier joined a mostly healthy White Sox team down the stretch, they would be a really scary group.

Jonathan Stiever is the number four prospect in the White Sox organization. He is a right-handed pitcher that has already made a couple of appearances in the MLB with the White Sox. He has a lot of development to go but the Pirates are better suited to do that right now as the White Sox are only using pitchers who can get outs right now.

Jake Burger is showing off his power a lot so far in the Minor Leagues. He is a good player that is a former first-round pick of the Chicago White Sox. He hasn’t reached his MLB potential just yet because of some serious injuries. He is now showing why he was drafted so high. However, he has been passed by in the organization since being drafted so that is why he is tradable.

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It is a perfect fit for the White Sox and Frazier. There are going to be other teams checking in with the Pirates during the months of June and July which is why it might be smart for the White Sox to look into things now. Any of these trades would make them have a better chance to win the World Series.