Chicago White Sox: The injuries have really piled up in 2021

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The Chicago White Sox are having a great season despite the fact they have suffered so many injuries. Several of their top players have missed time due to injury. Despite that, what this team has been able to do this season so far, is truly amazing.

What the White Sox have been forced to do is play with backups and Minor League players thanks to all the injuries. While some teams may have struggled and folded, the White Sox raced to the top of Major League Baseball. You can thank those backups and Minor League players for that.

The Chicago White Sox have stayed atop their division despite some horrible luck.

The big-time injury bug hit back in spring training when outfielder Eloy Jimenez left the lineup with a torn pectoral muscle. Yes, the White Sox lost some power with that injury but they appear to have been able to overcome it, at least initially.

Well, unfortunately, this was the start of a flood of injuries that would wash over and consume the White Sox. Going back to Jimenez, his loss has hurt the team because his power is missing. Chicago isn’t hitting as many home runs as they would like. Hopefully, they will get him back before the end of the season so he can help the White Sox make a successful run to the postseason.

Relief pitcher Jimmy Cordero was the next White Sox player to end up getting hurt. With an injured elbow, Cordero was placed on the 60-day disabled list. The White Sox lost some depth at the reliever position as a result but they have been doing fairly well at that position all season. When Cordero gets back, there should be a place for him in the lineup and he should be able to contribute.

Outfielder Luis Robert injured his hip and was put on the disabled list back in May. Hopes are that he will be able to get back in the lineup later in the season and contribute. While the team surely misses his bat in the lineup, they have been solid defensively thanks to the large cast of players that have come in and helped out in his absence. Getting his bat back in the lineup would be very beneficial.

Jace Fry, a relief pitcher, ended up on the 60-day due to a back issue. He has been working to get back into shape, playing games in Triple-A. The White Sox could place him on the active roster when he’s all set and ready to go and have some additional talent in the bullpen.

By now, we all know what happened to second baseman, Nick Madrigal. He severely damaged his hamstring requiring surgery and is set to miss the rest of the season. He was one of Chicago’s better players and terrific in the batting lineup. The White Sox will have him back in the lineup next season but for now, they really miss him.

The White Sox have been down a pitcher since Michael Kopech went on the 10-day disabled list with a hamstring injury. They could really use him in their rotation to give them another weapon on the mound. It sounds like he’s just about ready to get back into the lineup and should be in back in play soon.

Adam Eaton has been on the 10-day disabled list for a bit now thanks to a hamstring strain. The Sox could really use his help in the outfield and when he gets back he must stay healthy. Eaton has struggled a lot with that this year. Look for him to come back strong and play better than he did before he landed on the disabled list.

Center fielder Billy Hamilton was the star of the White Sox for a few games before he was struck down with an oblique issue. If you were watching the game he was injured in, you may remember him being up to bat and then grabbing his side.

Hamilton has been out ever since. What was supposed to be a short stint on the injured list has turned into a little bit longer stay there. He suffered a minor setback with his rehab and could be out for a little bit longer than expected.

It’s been a knee issue that has troubled Leury Garcia recently. He’s missed some time and that has caused some issues, in terms of depth and being able to put out a solid lineup. Garcia can play several positions which is very much needed right now with all of the injuries. At the time this article has been written, he has made It back into the lineup. Let’s just hope he stays there.

Relief pitcher Jose Ruiz is suffering from a knee injury and is pushing through the injury. Once again, this is another hit to the Sox bullpen and they will hope that he gets back as quickly as he can.

Outfielder Adam Engel is back on the injured list after coming off of it just a few days ago. His hamstring has been tweaked and so now the White Sox are down yet another starter. This one hurts because Engel had spent the start of the season healing the same injury, came back, and is back on the injured list. Now it’s back to the drawing board in terms of who they can get to help them in the outfield. Their depth is stretched so thin right now it’s becoming harder to find players to fill in.

There have been other, lesser injuries that the White Sox have had to endure this season. First baseman Jose Abreu has missed a little bit of time. Shortstop Tim Anderson was on the IL for a little bit. A few players have had to sit out a game or two to heal up from minor injuries. Of course, players are rested as well and may miss a game or two. That’s true for every baseball team.

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With these latest injuries and all the missed time, it appears as if the White Sox are starting to struggle a little bit. Still, some players have stepped up to play beyond any expectations that the White Sox of fans would have had.