Chicago White Sox: All-Star jerseys aren’t even a little cool

(Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images)
(Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images) /

The Chicago White Sox are probably going to have a few different players representing them in the All-Star Game. It has been a great season for the first-place Sox. Unfortunately, the players that are there are going to be very poorly dressed because Major League Baseball is having them wear some very ugly jerseys. They were revealed on Thursday morning and they are atrocious.

The Chicago White Sox All-Stars are going to be wearing some very bad jerseys.

It is unfortunate because this is the first time in a while where the White Sox are sending more than one legit All-Stars to the game. It isn’t like they are sending someone like Avisail Garcia because he is the only player on the team that is near a .300 batting average. There should be five or six guys playing in this game and they are going to look horrible.

The American League teams are going to wear navy blue jerseys and the National League has white. Each player, American or National, will have his team’s abbreviation in the top right of the jersey with the logo in white over the middle letter. The logo makes the abbreviation hard to read for a lot of teams. It is one of those things that makes you wonder how it passed through multiple people to become the official jersey.

For the most part, Nike has done a good job with their baseball stuff but these jerseys are a major miss. When the players take the field in them, they might look a little cleaner but as of right now, they are hard to defend. The hats have a star in Colorado Rockies purple with the White Sox (or whatever team) logo in red over it. Those, on the other hand, are pretty cool.

It isn’t great for the MLB that fans don’t love these but everyone is still going to watch the game anyway. That might be especially true for White Sox fans who should have, as mentioned before, some exciting players there representing them.

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The actual game itself is going to be at the home of the Colorado Rockies, Coors Field in Denver. It should be a very good time for baseball fans as it is the first All-Star Game since 2019 as 2020’s edition was canceled. We don’t love the jerseys that the players are going to wear but at least they are going to be there at all. Hopefully, the American League is able to take care of business this year.