Chicago White Sox: Eduardo Escobar rumors are heating up again

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The Chicago White Sox has been connected to Eduardo Escobar for a few weeks now. It all started when Bob Nightengale put the rumor out there on Twitter. Now, overnight last night, he doubled down on this rumor. This is definitely something for everyone to keep an eye on over the next few days as the White Sox looks for some help. With Nick Madrigal out for the season, a good second baseman would be great for them.

The Eduardo Escobar rumors are heating up for the Chicago White Sox.

Bob Nightengale of USA Today is someone that White Sox fans should trust. He is wrong about a lot of things involving other teams but he has a direct connection with Jerry Reinsdorf. He is literally feeding the public with things that he is hearing from his friend. He seems to really believe that Escobar is going to come to the Chicago White Sox.

If it all does happen, it would be a big boost to the group. Escobar had a brilliant night on Saturday and that is what led to this tweet. He has 17 home runs on the season which would lead the White Sox but quite a bit. With some of the firepower that is missing from the group, it would be nice to see them make an addition like this.

Escobar would come in and make an immediate impact. For one, he would step in and be the full-time second baseman. It would also slot someone like Danny Mendick into a bench role which would be good for everyone. Once this team starts to slot players in their proper place, they will look like that World Series contender we know they can be.

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If the team gets healthy with Escobar in the mix, they might be even more dangerous than we originally thought. It would be nice to see because it would also show the players that this team is all in on winning right now which might be something they need. With how well the pitchers have performed so far this season, it would be nice to see the organization pay them back. It is also fair to hope that another move or two follows this as well.