Chicago White Sox: Brian Goodwin must’ve not liked Adam Eaton

(Photo by Duane Burleson/Getty Images)
(Photo by Duane Burleson/Getty Images) /

Before their Wednesday afternoon game, the Chicago White Sox made a headline-level roster transaction. They activated Adam Engel from the injured list which was expected this week but they designated Adam Eaton for assignment. That came as a major surprise as most thought they would just send Jake Burger or Gavin Sheets back to AAA.

That would have been the wrong move as Sheets and Burger have been great while Eaton has been bad but the White Sox normally don’t do things like that. Well, they proved that it is a new day in White Sox land as Eaton was the one sent away in favor of better players. They mean business in the year 2021.

Not everyone on the Chicago White Sox seems to have liked Adam Eaton.

About a half-hour after the White Sox tweeted the transaction, Brian Goodwin added a tweet of his own that suggests that he is happy with the move. He tweeted about having a party and getting wasted which makes you wonder about his feelings for Adam Eaton.

Brian Goodwin is relatively new to the team. He made it to the organization’s big club as the team deals with so many injuries to the outfield. He needed to play well to stick around and he has pretty much done just that. He has had some big hits in his short time with the White Sox and could be around for a while. It is hard to tell what will happen when Eloy Jimenez and Luis Robert come back but it will be a good problem to have.

This tweet could mean one of two things or a little bit of both. For one, he could not like Adam Eaton. There have been rumors throughout the years that he isn’t easy to get along with in the clubhouse and maybe Goodwin is relieved that he is gone.

He could also be happy that he is getting to stay in light of Adam Engel coming back. It could be the competitor in him celebrating the fact that he has been good enough to stick around. He has certainly been better than Eaton so you can’t say he doesn’t deserve it.

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The White Sox don’t have time for any off-the-field drama. We saw what it was like early in the year with the Tony La Russa stuff. Nobody benefits from that. With that, sending Eaton away may be an extra good thing based on this tweet from Goodwin. Either way, all we want to see at this point is the White Sox win. Whoever is on the 26 man roster needs to do their job well in order for that to happen. When this team gets mostly healthy, watch out.