Chicago White Sox provide amazing update on Eloy Jimenez

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(Photo by Ron Vesely/Getty Images) /

Somehow, the Chicago White Sox are going into their final series of the pre-All-Star Break schedule with a record of 51-35. That is good for an 8.0 game lead in the American League Central Division. It is also right there with some of the best records in all of baseball, despite facing some serious injuries to consequential players. One of those players is Eloy Jimenez, who hasn’t played since spring training because of an injury.

The Chicago White Sox provided everyone with a fantastic Eloy Jimenez update.

All of the updates on Jimenez have been positive ever since it was announced that he would be out for a while. In fact, it always seemed like he was ahead of schedule based on his personal updates along with updates from the White Sox. Well, on Thursday, the White Sox gave the best possible update on his status.

Everyone who follows the Chicago White Sox knows that adding Eloy will make things so much better for their offense. He is one of the most polished young hitters in the game. That is why the news of his rehab assignment beginning tomorrow is so great.

Normally, when a player begins a rehab assignment, you will see them make it back to the big club within 14-21 days. Everyone should feel confident that will be the case for Jimenez. He wants to get back and help this team as bad as any injured player we have ever seen.

Not only are Eloy’s skills at the plate missed, but his loud personality is also missed. He is always smiling and bringing positive energy to the organization. If you add that to a team that is in first place by a wide margin, it is better than any realistic trade deadline acquisition.

The fact that the White Sox are in first without a hitter like this says a lot about them but they need him back now. There have been a few games where it felt like they would have won if they had that extra boost to the offense. Now we know they will be getting that soon.

The question when he comes back will be as to what position he plays. Most people never want to see him wear a glove again after what happened in spring training. His bat is so important to their long-term success that the DH seems to be the best option for him right now. It will be interesting to see what the management team decides on that.

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It would be extra special if Eloy can return right in time for a few series with the Chicago Cubs. Everyone loves a little extra drama and that happening would create plenty of that. It has been tough to scrape together enough offense during this time but it is only going to get easier as the team gets healthy.