Chicago White Sox: Michael Kopech was the best part of the win

(Photo by Ron Vesely/Getty Images)
(Photo by Ron Vesely/Getty Images) /

Everyone knows how good Michael Kopech is. Everyone also knows that he hasn’t even scratched the surface of his potential yet. With a 1.57 ERA, that should scare the entire league. On Friday night, he showed that he might be fully back. The Chicago White Sox are easing him back in terms of innings and pitches which makes sense after everything that he has been through.

On Friday night, he pitched in 1.0 innings and it was the best part of a 12-1 ballgame. There were some awesome offensive performances from studs like Tim Anderson, Gavin Sheets, and Andrew Vaughn amongst others but Kopech is the story.

In that 1 inning, he struck out every hitter that he faced. He had multiple pitches touch 100 mph and many were 98-99. It was as dominant of an inning as he has ever had in the Major Leagues. His development has come along perfectly which is saying something because of Tommy John and everything else that he has dealt with.

Michael Kopech continues to get better and better for the Chicago White Sox.

This kid is about as filthy as you can get. He is the best pitcher that the Chicago White Sox have and that is saying something because they have an elite staff and bullpen. They are 52-35 because of how good the pitching is and Kopech is one of the best. The fact that they are using him as a superweapon out of the bullpen makes it even better. 2021 has that as a unique part of the team and it would be awesome to see them take advantage of it.

By 2022, he will be a full-time starter. As awesome as that is going to be, there is no doubt that this unique season for him could heavily benefit the White Sox. It could help them even more once the playoffs roll around. If he continues to dominate as he did in this game against the Orioles, he is going to put away a lot of hitters looking silly.

There is no telling if he will make an appearance in one of these other two games against the Orioles before the break but you never know. One thing you do know is that he is looking healthy and should contribute even more during the second half of the season.

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If the White Sox play their cards right with him, and you can fully expect them to, Kopech has the talent to be one of the very best in the league. What we saw from him on Friday night was enchanted and shouldn’t be taken lightly.