Chicago White Sox select a high school shortstop in MLB Draft

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The Chicago White Sox have done a good job drafting over the last few seasons. Players like Garrett Crochet, Andrew Vaughn, and Nick Madrigal stick out as studs selected in the first round over the last few seasons. Colson Montgomery hopes to join them as the next great White Sox first-round pick. They selected him with the 22nd overall pick on Sunday night.

The Chicago White Sox selected a shortstop from high school in the MLB Draft.

Montgomery is currently a shortstop that played at Southridge High School in Indiana. He is an incredible athlete as he is a three-sport athlete. He is the basketball team’s all-time leading scorer, the quarterback of the football team, and an elite baseball player that has just been drafted to the MLB.

There are people that project him to be the third baseman as he develops. He was asked about that after the White Sox drafted him and gave them a very confident answer. He told them that he believes in his ability to be a shortstop in the long term. It is obviously a very important position on the infield so his confidence in himself is very cool to see.

Whether he is a shortstop or third baseman, you have to wonder how he fits in. Tim Anderson is going to be their shortstop for the foreseeable future and Yoan Moncada is there at third base. You never know how things shake out but it will be interesting to watch.

When you are an organization that good at the MLB level, it is easy to see them as a trade chip when they are first drafted. For now, Montgomery needs to worry about developing his skills in baseball and making his way through the organization. If he does that, he is going to be a big piece to the White Sox future puzzle in some way, shape, or form.

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This is the first time that the White Sox selected a high school player in the first round since 2012 where they selected Courtney Hawkins. It is interesting to see them take this route this time around. The fact that they are now a team out of a rebuild, they are probably very interested in keeping the system stacked in the long term. If they do that, they will be a very competitive team for a long time.