Chicago White Sox: End 2021 draft on a really high note

(Photo by Brace Hemmelgarn/Minnesota Twins/Getty Images)
(Photo by Brace Hemmelgarn/Minnesota Twins/Getty Images) /

The Chicago White Sox capped off the 2021 MLB Draft by taking ten additional players to help them out in the future. Some of these guys could be steals and may find themselves playing in the Major Leagues at some point. The White Sox decided to go after a variety of players at different positions all of which are needed or will be down the road.

The Chicago White Sox ended the 2021 MLB Draft on a high note which should help.

Let’s take a look at a list of the nine players that the White Sox took with their last nine picks in the 2021 MLB Draft:

Pick 11, 335th overall-Christian Edwards-Jacksonville State (AL)-RHP

Pick 12, 365th overall-Johnny Ray-TCU (TX)-RHP

Pick 13, 395th overall-Colby Smelley-Shelton State CC (AL)-C

Pick 14, 425th overall-Noah Owen-Golden West College (CA)-RHP

Pick 15, 455th overall-Cameron Butler-Big Valley Christian HS (CA)-OF

Pick 16, 485th overall-Terrell Tatum-NC State (NC)-OF

Pick 17, 515th overall-Jayson Gonzalez-Vanderbilt (TN)-3B

Pick 18, 545th overall-Adam Hackenberg-Clemson (SC)-C

Pick 19, 575th overall-Shawn Goosenberg- Northwestern (IL)-SS

Pick 20, 605th overall-Haylen Green-TCU (TX)-LHP

Looking at this list, you will see that the White Sox continued to stack up on pitchers, taking another four on the third day of the draft. Apparently, General Manager Rick Hahn has a plan and it will be interesting to see how it pans out.

However, pitching alone isn’t going to carry a team to the World Series. They need bats in the lineup to help provide much-needed offense. The Sox grabbed a few players that can hit the ball effectively on the third day of the draft. Let’s see if they develop into strong hitters worthy of being called up to the Majors one day.

On another note, the White Sox needed to add some depth at a few positions and they did manage to do that. Chicago needed help at the catcher position and they grabbed two guys that have the potential to develop into backups. They could have done a little more to provide some depth at the position, like take one a little higher in the draft but we will see what the two new prospects do.

The outfield was another position of need for the Sox and they did some work there, selecting Tatum and Butler on the second day of the draft. While they have a long way to go to become big league players, it’s encouraging to see the Sox build depth there.

This draft appears to have been productive for the White Sox. Their organizational pitching depth is so much stronger now and will give them the tools to make them have one of the best pitching groups in baseball. That’s if these guys pan out, of course.

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The Chicago White Sox had a decent draft. They filled some needed positions, stocked up on others, and set course for a bright future. After so much criticism of their farm system, we have seen this year that White Sox management does indeed know what they are doing and is preparing this team for the future.