Chicago White Sox: 3 monster trades for Craig Kimbrel

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Chicago White Sox, Jake Burger
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The Chicago White Sox might be able to land Craig Kimbrel in a one-for-one trade.

The Cubs might be willing to do a one-for-one trade involving Kimbrel because of his contract situation along with their contender status. He would be a great fit on the White Sox right now in that late-inning role along with Liam Hendriks. Jake Burger has been a phenomenal story this year but if they were to be able to pull off a trade like this, they should absolutely consider it with 2021 in mind.

White Sox fans might not like it but Kimbrel has a way better chance of contributing to a World Series championship this year than Jake Burger. If Jake stays healthy, he could be a very good MLB player but that has to be proven over a long period of time. He would also be given a much greater opportunity on the Cubs than he would on the White Sox simply because of the depth that the White Sox currently have. This is the type of “all in” trade you might see the White Sox make over the next few seasons if they feel they are a piece away.

Burger is a great hitter but he still has a long way to go to try and reach that potential. Kimbrel could fill in for them right now and contribute some good innings late in games. If he was willing to come in and have this type of a role in the bullpen with Hendriks, it would certainly be good for everyone involved. It would be tough to see Burger go but it is worth it.