Chicago White Sox Rumors: Team is looking for a catcher

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(Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images) /

The Chicago White Sox have been shorthanded all season long. It became way worse when they lost Yasmani Grandal to an injury a few weeks ago. He will be back at some point this season but they would be smart to add another catcher in the meantime. Zack Collins and Seby Zavala are capable of doing the job but they might want to add another veteran option.

When Grandal comes back, we can’t even be sure that he will be able to catch so he might just be used as a bat. That is a big reason they should really consider making a move for one. There are a few options out there for them to consider.

Robert Murray of FanSided has confirmed that they are in fact looking for a catcher openly. In his recent column, he connected the White Sox to Jonathan Lucroy. He was cut by the Atlanta Braves last week. The funny thing is that the White Sox cut him during spring training in favor of using Zack Collins. Before that move, it looked like a lock that he was going to make the team.

Dallas Keuchel told people that Lucroy was the best catcher that he ever threw too because of the way he received the ball. That alone is a reason to consider bringing him along because getting Dallas Keuchel back to his elite status would be really nice. He hasn’t been bad by any means but he also hasn’t been anywhere near as good as 2020.

Jonathan Lucroy would add a lot to the Chicago White Sox lineup down the stretch.

That would be a big move for the White Sox. Lucroy isn’t the All-Star that he once was but he could provide some veteran leadership as well as good production from behind the plate. It seems like he would be perfect for a split role with Zack Collins until Yasmani Grandal comes back. He hits much better than Zavala as well so that could be a boost to the starting lineup.

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If the White Sox made this move, it is hard to predict what would happen when Yasmani Grandal came back. The safe prediction is that they would just keep three catchers on the roster when they expand just in case. This team wants to be as deep as possible when the playoffs come around and Lucroy would be a solid addition to the puzzle. Hopefully, if the move is made, he is able to help the team continue to win.