Chicago White Sox: Magical night with multiple heroes

The Chicago White Sox are a team that feels like they are on track to do something special. That was on display for them during Monday night’s victory when Gavin Sheets hit a walk-off home run to send the fans home happy. The very next night, they defeated the Twins in comeback fashion for the second night in a row. It wasn’t a walk-off but it was in the 8th inning. There were so many heroes that went into the win.

Of course, the pitching deserves credit. Dallas Keuchel had a great start for the White Sox. There were a few jams but he always got out of it just enough. Michael Kopech also came in and did his job. His control wasn’t as good as we are used to seeing and he still got the job done.

Ryan Burr struggled a little bit which is what allowed the Twins to come back. He did earn the win, however, when the offense stepped up for him. Liam Hendriks shut the door in the 9th and they won the game 9-5.

There were many heroes on the offensive side of things. Yoan Moncada was probably the most impressive player. He had three hits and one of them was a home run. He is as hot as any hitter in the lineup right now. Jose Abreu’s big blast put the game away for the White Sox and it was also one of three hits. These two are big parts of the starting lineup night in and night out.

Late in the game, pinch-hitting for Seby Zavala, Andrew Vaughn had the game-tying RBI late in the game. Following him, Billy Hamilton’s hit scored what ended up being the game-winning run. Seeing all of these different players contribute to the win is perfect for the team as they head down the stretch.

The Chicago White Sox continues to win games in different ways this season.

If anyone wants to win the World Series, they need their depth to show up just like this. In the case of Vaughn, it is clear he is going to be a big part of the future. We can only hope that these guys continue to contribute like this.

With the pitching and hitting going the way it has, there is no reason this team can’t continue to win. They will go for the series win later today with Dylan Cease on the mound. He is going to face Michael Pineda. With the way the first few games have gone in this series, it is hard to predict what will happen in this one.