White Sox: Yermin Mercedes might be considering retirement

(Photo by Ron Vesely/Getty Images)
(Photo by Ron Vesely/Getty Images) /

When the 2021 Major League Baseball season started, Yermin Mercedes of the Chicago White Sox was the biggest story in the sport. He played in many different leagues before landing in the Chicago White Sox organization. He put in a lot of time and effort before he was finally given his big chance. He took it and ran as he might have been the best baseball player in the world for the month of April. It was so nice to see and such an awesome story.

He then started to cool down as the season went along. That was expected but it got to a point where he was a detriment to the lineup. When that happened and continued to happen, the White Sox made the decision to send him back down to AAA.

It was tough to see because he became a fan favorite so quickly. With that said, this 2021 Chicago White Sox team is real and they don’t have time for nice stories. It is about winning the World Series.

Now, after a post on his Instagram story, we have to wonder if he is going to retire. He posted a blacked-out picture with the word “El Retiro”. That translates to retirement in English from Spanish. It also had a thought bubble emoji along with a thinking face emoji. That obviously suggests that he is thinking about retirement.

Yermin Mercedes, as sad it would be to see for the fans, needs to do whatever he thinks is best for him. If retirement is his way of being happy at this point in time, he should do it. He did get to live out his dream earlier this season and everyone watching loved every second of it. With the way he played, it was a true inspiration to us all to never give up.

Yermin Mercedes MLB stint is something that Chicago White Sox fans will always remember.

If Yermin doesn’t decide to retire just yet, you have to wonder if he ever gets called up to Major League Baseball again. He would bring a solid boost to the lineup in a lot of ways if he were added to the White Sox playoff roster. The only thing working against Mercedes right now is the emergence of Gavin Sheets, Bryan Goodwin, and Jake Burger.

There is also the fact that Eloy Jimenez, Luis Robert, and Yasmani Grandal will all be back really soon. Once this team is healthy, there are going to be limited spots. Either way, the path that this Yermin Mercedes story has taken is truly interesting.

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