Chicago White Sox: 3 bizarre trade packages for Willson Contreras

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Chicago White Sox, Jared Kelley
Refugio baseball pitcher Jared Kelley /

The Chicago White Sox might be able to get Willson Contreras for lots of pitching.

The Chicago Cubs have been bad at developing pitching for a long time now. We have seen what the White Sox have been able to do with their pitching and the Cubs can only wish they were able to have that kind of success. Even when they won the World Series in 2016, the rotation was built on trades and free agency. Well, even though this would also be a trade, they might look to add lots of young pitching prospects if they were to deal their star catcher.

If the Cubs landed Jared Kelley, Jimmy Lambert, and Tyler Johnson for Contreras, they would be very happy with it. In the case of Kelley, they would be getting a very high-level prospect. Contreras has 2022 on his current deal which separates him from some of the other trade chips on the current Cubs.

We don’t know for sure what the ceiling is on guys like Lambert or Johnson but the Cubs would love to find out. If their core is going to be traded away for something, they might as well get a big need, which has been pitching for about a decade. Trading Contreras now before the offseason might be the best way to get the most for him, as we are seeing with Bryant, Rizzo, and Baez.