Chicago White Sox: 3 bizarre trade packages for Willson Contreras

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Chicago White Sox, Gavin Sheets
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There are a lot of things that the Chicago Cubs could use from the Chicago White Sox.

The Chicago White Sox are already World Series contenders. However, they would be considered World Series favorites at this point if they added another bat like Willson Contreras. The fact that he is a borderline elite defensive catcher makes him even more interesting. In order to get players like this, however, you need to give up players of significance.

The White Sox love Gavin Sheets. He wasn’t even slightly in the plans for this season at the MLB level. His statistics at the AAA level almost forced the White Sox to call him up when they needed some help dealing with injuries. He has been so great for them and showcased his abilities for the world to see. If the Cubs added a kid like this, they would probably add him to their future plans right away.

As for Jonathan Stiever, he is another top-pitching prospect that the Cubs would love to have. Stiever has had his ups and downs as any young pitcher does but he has the talent to continue a very good development.

Yermin Mercedes would be the big story here. We all know about his story so far this season and how much of a roller coaster it has been. He might need a fresh start with a new team and we all know the Cubs have the room.

There are no rumors about the White Sox and Cubs making a trade or anything of that nature right now but they would be great partners in many ways. They aren’t even really rumored to be trading Willson Contreras as much as some of the guys on expiring deals but you never know. He will be in that situation sooner than later too. If it doesn’t come in the regular season, it could come in the offseason if no extension is agreed upon. He sure would fit in on the White Sox.

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