Chicago White Sox: Trea Turner would be a great fit

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The Chicago White Sox were clearly in need of a second baseman the second that Nick Madrigal went down. When it was announced that he was out for the year, the need became even more pressing. There are lots of good options out there but one might be a bit better than them all. The White Sox haven’t been connected at all to Trea Turner of the Washington Nationals at all throughout this process but he would be a great fit.

The Washington Nationals recently took a dive in the standings that made them appear as sellers on the market. You have to think that everyone on the roster not named Juan Soto is available. If someone like Turner came to the White Sox to hit high in the lineup along with playing some good second base, they would be in a really good spot.

During their game on Tuesday night, Turner was pulled from the game in the first inning. A move like that is always going to create trade speculation and rightfully so. There is confirmation that he has not yet been traded but you never know if it is a precautionary move in case of a future trade. It is also possible that Jon Heyman’s report of him being hurt is accurate. Either way, it is going to be interesting to see what happens with him.

Turner is someone that can play multiple positions if need be as well. He would primarily play second base if he were traded to the White Sox but he can also play some shortstop and outfield if needed. He has a 4.0 WAR for a reason. His slash line of .320/.368/.519 with an OPS of .887 is close to being in MVP territory. If a bat like that came to the White Sox right now, they would become even more dangerous than they already are.

The Chicago White Sox would love to be adding someone like Trea Turner.

Trea Turner also has a little bit of pop in his bat. He has 18 home runs and 49 RBIs. It makes perfect sense why he was an All-Star this year for the first time in his career. He is also a former World Series champion. That type of experience would really help a young team out. With all of the youth that the White Sox have, it would be nice to see them get an elite veteran like Trea Turner.

Of course, he has not been traded yet. With that said, however, he still very well might be before the official deadline on Friday. If the White Sox can’t land a player like him, they should at least consider adding someone else to play second base.

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