1 deal that White Sox need to get done with 24 hours until deadline

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We are almost there. As of 3 PM on Thursday, we are within 24 hours of the Major League Baseball trade deadline. When we get to 3 PM on Friday, each team is pretty much set without the ability to make trades. You can make roster transactions within your own organization but the ability to wheel and deal is gone. The Chicago White Sox are considered to be buyers in this year’s edition. They have a couple of things that needed to or still need to be addressed.

On Thursday morning, the White Sox made a big trade with Cleveland. Chicago traded LHP Konnor Pilkington for second baseman Cesar Hernandez. It is a move that has been needed for a while now. When Nick Madrigal went down for the year, it was clear that a second baseman was a big need. There were other big names available but Hernandez is a great addition to this team.

As we get within 24 hours of the trade deadline, there is still another move that needs to be made to solidify their status as a World Series contender. The bullpen has been a bit shaky this season which is something that needs to be addressed. It certainly isn’t the worst bullpen and it has its good moments but one more solid arm would go a long way.

With Michael Kopech and Liam Hendriks, they have two top-five relievers in all of baseball. Aaron Bummer and Codi Heuer haven’t had their best numbers this season but the stuff is brilliant. If the command for both pitchers gets better down the stretch, there is a great foundation there. If one more arm is out there, whoever that might be on the trade market, the White Sox should consider it. It could be the difference in a one-run playoff game.

The White Sox already made one move for a reliever. They landed Ryan Tepera from the Chicago Cubs. It is a big-time trade between the two teams as the White Sox look to bolster their bullpen. It is someone to lock down the back end of the rotation. It isn’t the only arm left either. They could absolutely look to make more moves for more relievers within the next 24 hours.

The Chicago White Sox wants to go into the playoffs with the best chance possible.

The starting rotation is as good as any in baseball. They all have the ability to get to the bullpen with a lead if the offense does its job. If the pen is something of a strength going into the playoffs, this team has as good of a chance as any in the American League to win the World Series.

All we can do as we wait for the trade deadline is hope that the White Sox make that one last move that puts the American League Central division away. Cleveland giving the White Sox one of their best players is already a sign that they see it as over but you just never know. We would like to see one more relief pitcher.

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