Chicago White Sox: 3 players considered untouchable right now

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Chicago White Sox, Dylan Cease
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Dylan Cease

Dylan Cease has been very good for the Chicago White Sox this season.

Dylan Cease has turned into a pretty decent pitcher over the course of this season. This is despite the fact that he has some room to grow. He’s been an asset to the White Sox and it would be hard to get rid of him. But anyone can be traded as long as there is someone out there that wants them and thinks that he will be a good fit. So far, through July 28th, Cease has started in 21 games and currently has seven wins and six losses. He has posted an ERA of 4.14.

The White Sox need to keep Cease around to help provide much needed depth at the pitching position as well as give themselves another quality starter in the rotation. While Cease isn’t “lights out” like Rodon and Lynn, he still provides the team with a quality starter that can and will win games.

What might happen if another team should come along and offer any kind of trade for Cease? First, the White Sox would have to get another starting pitcher in return. The team cannot just give up Cease and not get someone to replace him in the lineup. The person that replaces him would have to be as good or better than he is. Losing any pitcher right now, without a replacement, would be a huge mistake.

However, it’s highly unlikely that the White Sox would let Cease go in a trade. He’s just too valuable in the rotation and the Sox would likely not get enough for him in return. It’s a better idea to hang onto him and let him continue to develop into an elite starter who could, someday, win the Cy Young Award.