Chicago White Sox: 3 players who may lose their roster spot in August

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Chicago White Sox, Zack Collins
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Zack Collins. 21. player. 128. . C. Chicago White Sox

Zack Collins might end up being the odd man out for Chicago White Sox catchers.

Yasmani Grandal is one of the most important players in the Chicago White Sox organization right now. He plays a good enough defensive catcher to pair with his very good bat in the middle of the lineup. He gets on base at an extremely high clip and has great power in his bat. When he returns, it is going to be as big of a boost as the White Sox can get right now.

When he went down, there were thoughts that they might bring in a catcher to replace him and pair with Zack Collins but they called up Seby Zavala instead and used him. Zavala can’t hit very well but he is a very good defensive catcher. He might have come in and proven more valuable than Collins in a short time.

We talked about how Zavala isn’t very good offensively. Well, it isn’t like Collins is hitting the ball particularly well either. He is only hitting .204 with an OPS of .673. He has a negative WAR too which tells you everything you need to know. Collins will probably be a call-up again at some point but don’t be surprised at all if he is the odd man out later in August when Grandal comes back.

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