Chicago White Sox: Why Andrew Vaughn is an all-star in the making

(Photo by David Berding/Getty Images)
(Photo by David Berding/Getty Images) /

Following the All-Star break, the Chicago White Sox have hit a bumpy road trying to win games. However, there has been one player that has been playing consistent ball throughout the season despite the fact he is young and hasn’t seen any time in the minors. This player epitomizes the meaning of what it is to be a White Sox and proves that there is a lot of hope for the future.

Andrew Vaughn, who can be considered a jack of all trades with his ability to play a few different positions, has become a pillar of consistency. This is coming amid some inconsistency that is happening on offense for the White Sox. He’s been able to play well when it counts and can even come up with the big play when it’s time to step it up.

One way in which Vaughn has stepped it up is with his ability to hit home runs. Not only does he hit home runs but he hits them hard and his exit velocity is outstanding. So far, Vaughn has a total of 12 home runs and some of them came at critical times to help win games. He has recorded 308 at-bats in the Major Leagues so far. He has 34 RBIs and 47 runs scored with 80 hits. He also has 22 doubles so far this season.

With impressive statistics like those, it’s hard to imagine what he might be capable of doing with more experience behind him. He has the makings of a future all-star. Vaughn has been used at a few different defensive positions during his time with the White Sox as well.

The Chicago White Sox would love to see Andrew Vaughn become an All-Star.

He has seen some action at first base from time to time when Jose Abreu needs a rest and has performed well there. However, despite never playing it before in his life, Vaughn has spent most of this season in left field. This could change now though as Eloy Jimenez has returned from injury. While Jimenez has been the designated hitter for a little bit, he’s not going to be there forever. He’s going to take over for Vaughn at some point.

What happens to Vaughn when Jiminez takes over his left-field spot permanently and Luis Robert comes back from injury? Vaughan certainly can’t take over 1st base because Jose Abreu is there. This is why they are trying him out in right field and seeing how he will fare out there.

It’s likely that he could take over as the designated hitter or fill in for the outfield along with first base whenever someone needs a rest. The White Sox aren’t going to want to take him out of the lineup any time soon but they need to accommodate for their big-time hitters like Jimenez and Robert. Vaughn is a big-time hitter as well so it’s going to be hard to keep him off the field for any length of time.

It’s a nice problem to have when you have too many good players on the team leaving you with many options. That’s desirable and the White Sox are going to love being put in this position. They just have to do the right thing and make the right moves in order for this to work.

When Robert is back and Jimenez is fully ready, Vaughn will continue to shine at the plate. He will also fill in where needed on defense and shine there as well. Didn’t I say something about him being an All-Star? Well, in just a few years, you can almost be certain that Vaughn will end up being an All-Star. If they can get him settled on a position and he can continue to play well he will be there in no time.

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