Chicago White Sox: Shocking movement on MLB top prospects list

Refugio baseball pitcher Jared Kelley
Refugio baseball pitcher Jared Kelley /

The Chicago White Sox have had some big-time prospects throughout the last few years. We have seen stars like Luis Robert, Eloy Jimenez, Yoan Moncada, and Lucas Giolito come off the list and become great MLB players. As recently as this season, players like Andrew Vaughn, Michael Kopech, Nick Madrigal, and Garrett Crochet have graduated off the list of the top prospects and become full-time MLB players.

Now, following the draft and MLB trade deadline, MLB dot come has recently updated their lists. There have been some shocking movements within the White Sox organization based on the moves that they have made and how certain players have panned out this season.

Once Crochet, Kopech, Vaughn, and Madrigal graduated, Jared Kelley was the team’s new number one prospect. Now, after most of the 2021 season and the draft, he rounds out the top five. That goes to show how some players have developed and how well they have drafted.

The new number one prospect in the organization is Colson Montgomery. The White Sox made him their first-round pick (22nd overall) in the 2021 MLB Draft. He is a big shortstop that often gets compared to Corey Seager. He is a very nice prospect to have sitting atop the list of a team that is already elite at the MLB level.

Yoelqui Cespedes jumped up to number two which is really nice to see. There is a chance that he could be in the MLB next season at some point which tells you how good of an international signing that he was. The White Sox have done very well with some international free agents and they are hoping that Cespedes is the next great one.

The third-ranked prospect might surprise some people. It is Jake Burger. He made his MLB debut earlier this season and was awesome. His story is amazing because of how he came back from some very serious injuries but he is also just a great baseball player. The former first-round pick of the White Sox has a bright future. There isn’t much room for him on the MLB roster right now but his time will come.

In the four-spot is Wes Kath. He was selected in the second round of the 2021 MLB Draft (57th overall). That means that both of the White Sox’s first two picks are in the top five of their organziation. With Kelley at number five, it is a very good list.

Another notable name is right there at six in Gavin Sheets. He was the number nine prospect earlier and the way that he has played both in the MLB and AAA has jumped him way up. He has the potential to be a really nice power-hitting lefty. Don’t be too surprised if he ends up being on the playoff roster so he can pinch-hit at certain points.

The Chicago White Sox are doing well with their prospects while winning.

None of these guys are considered to be top-100 prospects. That is somewhat of an issue but the White Sox have an MLB roster that is largely made up of former top-100 prospects. It is up to them to supplement these guys now using their Minor League system.

There is a good chance that some of these guys develop into top-100 prospects over the next year or so but their main concern needs to be feeding good players into the MLB so that they can continue winning lots of games and potentially make a deep playoff run. The updated version of this list surely is exciting.

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