White Sox: There are similarities to the 1985 Chicago Bears

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Chicago White Sox, Yoan Moncada
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It has been said that there will never be another team-in any sport-like the 1985 Chicago Bears. It was a cast of characters that managed to capture the attention of even the most casual of sports fan all while playing with a flair and enjoyment of the game that couldn’t be matched. By the way, they were also the best at what they did, capping the ’85-’86 season with a Super Bowl title.

Since that time, I’ve never seen a team that can rival it in terms of engaging, cartoon-like personalities, love of playing the game and on-field success. However, I think this year’s version of the Chicago White Sox could be the closest team to do it in any sport. Don’t get me wrong. They are not the ’85 Bears and their overall popularity isn’t close to what the Monsters of the Midway had.

Still, in looking up and down the White Sox lineup, I noticed a number of commonalities between several individuals on both teams and thought maybe this could end up leading to a similar title outcome for the south siders.

In comparing the two teams, perhaps the biggest difference is in marketing. The Bears were all over tv and radio. Be it in ads, appearances on shows and, of course, “The Super Bowl Shuffle” video.

The 2021 Chicago White Sox and 1985 Chicago Bears have a lot in common.

Baseball players just haven’t been able to match that type of exposure, let alone have the league try to market its stars in a way that generates a buzz the way the Bears did. So, here is a look at a few White Sox players and who they most resemble from that Bears team: