White Sox: There are similarities to the 1985 Chicago Bears

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Chicago White Sox, Eloy Jimenez
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Eloy Jimenez brings the White Sox a Jim McMahon like character everyday. 

The “Punky QB” was about two things: winning and having fun doing so. Payton may have been the focal point of the offense but McMahon was the guy who made it go. Guys loved playing with him and for him on the offense and his carefree yet competitive personality rubbed off on his teammates who fed off of that.

He made the head-butt a common way to celebrate. He tucked the sleeves of his jersey under his pads before it was common for offensive skill players to do it.  His headband and sunglasses became fashion trends. Most importantly, he could play. He was one-of-a-kind and was exactly what the team needed to guide the offense.

Jimenez, while not as brash as McMahon, is cut from the same cloth.  His love for playing the game is infectious and his outgoing personality endears him to his teammates. He has charisma and enjoys each day he walks onto the field. He, too, can play and the White Sox knew they needed to have him for the long term and signed him to a nice deal in 2019.

Both players missed time due to injury but while their teams managed to remain good, they weren’t as dangerous without them in the lineup. Like McMahon bucking the trend of traditional uniform appearance, Jimenez sports his own on-field look with the gold chains, unbuttoned jersey and red batting gloves.