Chicago White Sox: 3 big moves to consider this winter

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Chicago White Sox, Marcus Semien
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1. Get even better at second base

The Chicago White Sox could try to get even better at the second base position.

The fact is, Hernandez has fallen in the batting order simply due to underperforming in a White Sox uniform. I highly expect the Sox to not pick up his option and to look at a few guys to replace his of the all-star caliber. Of course, two names come to mind immediately. The first is Marcus Semien.

Semien has been playing 2B for Toronto all season and has done just fine there. Batting-wise, he is currently enjoying a slash of .266/.334/.530, while blasting a career-high 35 homers and 82 RBIs, ten off from his career-high in 2019 of 92.

Semien is knocking the cover off the ball and his WAR of 6.1 on the season is currently 3rd best among all major leaguers. In fact, the only two above him in Wins Above Replacement, are two pitchers, making him the #1 leader in terms of batting. Semien would be a fantastic pickup, and he has played for the White Sox before. It would be a return home and would further absolutely stack the batting order 1-9.

The other place the White Sox could turn if they want is Trevor Story. As reported, the Sox were in on Story at the deadline but the Rockies ultimately chose to hang on to him which didn’t make much sense at all for the Rockies since he is going to walk at the end of the year anyway.

Either way, Story is currently having a down year in Colorado while Semien is crushing it. Both, however, are all-star caliber players that can no doubt further help lead this Chicago White Sox team deep into October.