Chicago White Sox: Yermin Mercedes deserves another chance

(Photo by Ron Vesely/Getty Images)
(Photo by Ron Vesely/Getty Images) /

It’s the September portion of the Chicago White Sox baseball season so that means it’s time for minor leaguers to be called up! Unfortunately, the expanded rosters aren’t what they used to be, as they only consist of 28 players, rather than the 40 they used to have before 2020. I’m not exactly sure why the rule was changed but I’m not a fan of it. At the very least, expanded rosters should consist of 30 players.

Nevertheless, with the ability to build a team of 28 players, the Chicago White Sox should consider re-calling designated hitter Yermin Mercedes at some point this season. The White Sox have basically given up on Zack Collins, who was demoted after playing horribly for most of this season. The White Sox now only have 2 catchers on their roster and they should consider calling up Mercedes to give him playing time at both the back-up catcher and designated hitter positions.

Mercedes barely made the White Sox Opening Day roster but he got off to a scalding hot start, going 8 for his first 8 and winning the April Rookie of the Month Award. After that, he was demoted to AAA before he alleged to “retire” for a day before he came back to the Charlotte Knights.

Yermin Mercedes did at least prove that, for a time, he could hit in the Major Leagues which is not really something that Seby Zavala or Zack Collins have ever proven that they can do. This is why he should get an oppurtunity at backup catcher or DH where the White Sox don’t really have a sure thing at either position. Currently, his slash line in 68 games is .271/.328/.404 and he really needs to play at least one more game this season.

Yermin Mercedes could be a boost to the Chicago White Sox this fall if they call him up.

After such a great start, we can’t let it end like this with Yermin Mercedes in baseball purgatory. He has hit before in the Major Leagues and that leads me to believe he can do it again.  It was too much of a high and too much fun for it to end this low.

Though the White Sox aren’t likely happy with Yermin for his pseudo-retirement stunt, they should give him another shot before this season is over and see if he has any ability to help them in the playoffs. The Chicago White Sox will need all the help they can get while likely facing the Houston Astros in the division series. Perhaps Yermin can give them the unlikely offensive boost they will need.

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