Chicago White Sox: 3 players that might not make playoff roster

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Chicago White Sox, Leury Garcia
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Despite some injuries earlier in the season, 2021 has been an enchanted year for the Chicago White Sox. They are cruising to an AL Central Division title which is something they have not done in over a decade. All of their star players, when healthy, have come through at different points of the season and they have also had some unsung heroes along the way.

Tony La Russa, despite some early-season issues, has really helped this team along. They are all in it for the common goal of winning the World Series. Everyone wants to see them do it but they are going to have to put their best foot forward in time for the playoffs. This team is good and deep which means that some tough decisions will be made when constructing that perfect playoff roster.

We know that the players that do make it will all be above-average baseball players. There will be stars and depth players alike to go with some very good pitching. The starting rotation and the bullpen are both loaded with great players that can dominate games at will.

They should all be even better in the playoffs because that is where pitching becomes king. They are set up very nicely for some good times ahead with that staff. If all of the players that make the playoff roster can contribute to the best of their ability, there will be no stopping this team.

The Chicago White Sox playoff roster may look different than their current roster.

Unfortunately, there will be players that don’t make it. Each round could provide something different depending on how the White Sox do but some big names might be left off. Tony La Russa and Rick Hahn are going to manage this with one goal in mind. These are three players that have contributed to this team but might not make the playoff roster: