Chicago White Sox: Ceaser Hernandez has struggled to say the least

Chicago White Sox second baseman Ceaser Hernandez was acquired at the trade deadline that sent minor league pitcher Konnor Pilkington to the Cleveland Indians. Now don’t get me wrong, I loved this trade for the Sox at the time as we didn’t have to give up too much for a former gold glove winner.

I still do appreciate Hernandez for his defensive efforts but offensively he has been brutal, to say the least. He has a .211 average, a .289 OBP, and a .282 slugging percentage. Hernandez might want to forget about this season, especially if he doesn’t turn it around offensively.

Ultimately, it’s kind of surprising to me has he struggled because of how good this lineup is. I would have thought a player like him with solid career numbers would feast on better-looking pitches given to him in that 9-hole.

Cesar Hernandez’s glove has been great but his bat has been bad for the Chicago White Sox.

Since joining the club, Ceaser Hernandez has had a .211 batting average. Over the recent few games, he bumped up to the .220s which is nothing special. Needless to say, that is brutal and hopefully Ceaser can get closer to his career numbers. Hopefully, it happens in time for the playoff stretch.

That will make the offense more potent than it is, especially from the 9th spot in the order. The fortunate part for him and why this may be getting overshadowed is simply due to the fact of this lineup is already explosive enough to cover him but I would love for him to find his stride eventually.

Ceaser Hernandez won the gold glove in 2020 with the Indians and has been huge on defense at second since coming over. That shouldn’t really be a surprise for the White Sox. From timely stops and athletic plays, you can trust Ceaser’s glove when it matters the most going forward.

He may not have the bat of a Nick Madrigal which is fine but the glove is for sure better and will be key in the playoffs. The White Sox are comfortable going into the playoffs with an infield of Tim Anderson at shortstop and Ceaser at second. They should get the job done when it matters.