Chicago White Sox: 1 player that really needs to be better

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The Chicago White Sox is a loaded baseball team. They have above-average players at pretty much every position when they are healthy. However, second base has been a minor issue ever since Nick Madrigal went down for the season. Now, they traded Madrigal in the Craig Kimbrel deal so it is somewhat of a long-term issue as well. For 2021, they acquired Cesar Hernandez to be the guy.

He has an option for 2022 but nobody knows if the White Sox are going to use it. He has been a Gold Glove level defender and that is very much appreciated. When a ball is hit in his general direction, he is great about making the play. Unfortunately, that isn’t what they brought him in to do.

Someone like Danny Mendick would have been able to be a defensive second baseman so they need more from Hernandez at the plate. He has the ability to be a great offensive player but he hasn’t shown that with the White Sox yet. Before coming over from the Cleveland Indians, he was one of their best hitters. For whatever reason, things haven’t clicked in Chicago yet.

The White Sox traded for him knowing what he is capable of doing. If he gets back to that level, this lineup will be even more dangerous. They have eight other hitters in the lineup (when healthy) that create damaging offense so getting Hernandez going could really help them.

The Chicago White Sox needs Cesar Hernandez to contribute to the success.

He somewhat got things going at the plate in last night’s game against the Texas Rangers. He had an RBI hit that helped the White Sox win 8-0. He only went 1-5 with that hit but it was a big hit to add some more insurance to the White Sox win. If he can use that to propel himself to a hot streak, the White Sox would greatly appreciate it.

There is no way, however, that the White Sox will regret this trade. They didn’t give up a top prospect for him and he will at minimum provide some great defense. It can’t be said enough how important that will be once the playoffs begin.

Hernandez also seems like the kind of guy who can get hot at the plate at the right time. If that happens for him, nobody will remember or care what happened to end the regular season. With some of the bats around him in the order, there is plenty of protection. Hopefully, he reaches that level we know he can reach.

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