Chicago White Sox: Mike Wright Jr. suspension is so bad

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(Photo by Ron Vesely/Getty Images) /

The Chicago White Sox were handed some very bad disciplinary action on Saturday afternoon. Ahead of their game at Globe Life Field against the Texas Rangers, Mike Wright Jr. and Tony La Russa were handed suspensions for events that happened against the Los Angeles Angels this week. Wright Jr. received three games and La Russa was handed one game which he served last night.

During their series against the Angels, the White Sox saw some of their stars beaned by pitches early on. Luis Robert took one off the head, Moncada took a beanball, and Jose Abreu took one off the arm. By all measures, neither of them appeared to be intentional. A lot was made of Abreu’s because his arm bruised up and it was the 19th time he has been beaned this season which is tied for fourth in the Majors.

In the final game of the series, Mike Wright Jr. let one slip away and it clipped Shohei Ohtani. It was late in a game that the White Sox were losing so the umpires got together to discuss it. With no warning, they ejected Wright Jr. from the game. A position player had to come in and pitch.

Tony La Russa was not happy with that decision to throw him out. He should be upset if he truly believes it wasn’t done on purpose. Although Ohtani is the Angels’ star player, it doesn’t seem like something that Mike Wright Jr. would do two games after the fact. As a player that isn’t even a lock to be on the team on any given day, it would be a little weird for him to think it’s his position to police these types of things.

The Chicago White Sox having some people suspended is a complete joke.

This is a terrible decision by Major League Baseball and they should be ashamed of themselves. The Angels hit three White Sox players and didn’t get anything. The one Robert took off his head, as Chuck Garfien points out, could have ended his season. Jose Abreu has been the White Sox’s most impactful hitter for years but their pitchers get nothing for hitting him.

The White Sox lost the game that La Russa wasn’t managing. It wasn’t the reason they lost but it could have affected their moods for the game. They need everyone on the roster there and feeling good to win and this bad decision gave bad vibes. Hopefully, this is something they can rally around to win a bunch of games to end the season and make a big playoff run.

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