Chicago White Sox: There is a plan for Carlos Rodon next week

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(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

The Chicago White Sox have a really good pitching rotation. Carlos Rodon is a big part of that. With Lance Lynn, Lucas Gioltio, and Dylan Cease around him, it is a very good group when they are healthy and on top of their game. Rodon wasn’t expected to be even close to this good and it has really helped the White Sox be as good as they have this season.

Unfortunately, arm soreness has been an issue for Rodon in the second half of the season. He hasn’t played a full season in a very long time for a variety of reasons. His stuff has been enchanted so far this season which is great for the White Sox but they need him ready for the playoffs.

Tony La Russa was concerned about Carlos after he came out of the game on Monday. However, on Tuesday, La Russa confirmed that there is a plan for Rodon as the season comes to a close. He is going to get one more start next week to see if he will be good to go in the playoffs.

This is important because the White Sox have a significantly better chance of doing damage in the playoffs if they have Rodon. A four-man rotation with Rodon instead of Keuchel will be significantly better against a team like the Houston Astros. Houston would pound a contact pitcher like Keuchel over a playoff game. Rodon has the “swing and miss” stuff to shut down a team like that.

Carlos Rodon will make one more start for the Chicago White Sox in the regular season.

The game that Rodon is scheduled to pitch is against the Cincinnati Reds. That lineup has some really good hitters in it like Jonathan India, Nick Castellanos, and Joey Votto amongst others. If Rodon is able to have success and feel good against them, it will be a great sign for his playoff availability.

This season has been so fun to watch in terms of Carlos Rodon. After everything he has been through, he deserves all of the praise that he has received. The White Sox drafted him, developed him, and believed in him through thick and thin.

Seeing him win a ring with them would be so fulfilling as a baseball fan. Hopefully, Rodon shows Tony La Russa, Rick Hahn, and Kenny Williams everything he needs to in order to be ready for the playoffs. If that happens, the White Sox would be a very tough out in the postseason.

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