Chicago White Sox: Comparing 2021 players to 2005 players

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Chicago White Sox, Luis Robert
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While it’s hard to come up with perfect comparisons, the Chicago White Sox team of 2021 is similar to the 2005 team in more ways than one. This White Sox team is the first to win 90 games since 2006 and will likely be the first to surpass that number since 2005. Given the similarity between this team and the 2005 one, I thought it might be nice to find a comparable Sox player from both teams, beginning with outfielders.

The Chicago White Sox had good outfielders in both the 2005 and 2021 seasons.


Scott Podsednik – Billy Hamilton 

Hamilton and Podsednik are pretty close in career stolen base numbers with Hamilton having 314 career steals and Podsednik retiring with 309. They both hit 2 home runs in their first season with the White Sox, though Podsednik’s were in the playoffs. Both speedsters batted left-handed and played left field for the Sox. Coincidence? I think not.

Aaron Rowand – Adam Engel

Aaron Rowand and Adam Engel are somewhat similar as well. Homegrown White Sox talent, they both play outstanding center field defense and can hit a bit as well. Originally, I hoped that Luis Robert would be compared to Rowand but he’s surpassed him up so much offensively it’s hard to do so now. The only problem with Engel is that he’s had trouble staying healthy but hopefully, he’s ready for the playoffs because he can play hard-nosed defense just like Rowand could.

Jermaine Dye – Luis Robert

Jermaine Dye in 2005: .274/.333/.512 .846 OPS

Luis Robert’s career with the Chicago White Sox: .296/.347/.503 .850 OPS

By the time he began his career with the White Sox, Jermaine Dye had one career Gold Glove just like Luis Robert does, as Dye won one in 2000 with the Kansas City Royals. Though I hope Robert will end up with more than just one career Gold Glove, reaching accomplishments like Dye’s power numbers or his 2005 World Series MVP would be pretty impressive.

Carl Everett – Eloy Jimenez

While spending most of his time at designated hitter, when Carl Everett took the field for the White Sox he was most commonly a left fielder. He finished second on the team in RBI and third in homers, two statistics Eloy Jimenez is also pretty good at. They also both struggle defensively.