Chicago White Sox: Comparing 2021 players to 2005 players

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Chicago White Sox, Yasmani Grandal
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The Chicago White Sox has some outstanding pitchers and catchers this year.


AJ Pierzynski – Yasmani Grandal

Not a perfect comparison, but the two do have some things in common besides just being the catcher on the White Sox. People forget this, but in 2005 AJ hit for a decent amount of power, totaling 18 home runs on the season. Both were acquired by the White Sox as free agents, two of the best signings in team history.


The nature of pitching has changed A LOT since 2005, as strikeout rates are way up and innings pitched are way down. Remember when the White Sox starters threw four straight complete games in the 2005 ALCS? That’s never happening again. In fact, a single complete game in the playoffs is unlikely to happen at all this year. That being said, both pitching staffs were extremely talented, and there are a couple of comparisons you can make.

Jon Garland – Dylan Cease 

This isn’t a perfect comparison, as Dylan was a big-time strikeout pitcher for the White Sox and Jon Garland was not that. However, both pitchers were acquired in trades with the Chicago Cubs, led the White Sox in wins on the season, and were of a similarly young age.

Bobby Jenks – Michael Kopech

Jenks was a rookie in 2005 and Kopech is technically a rookie this year as well. Both young pitchers could throw over 100 MPH and light up the laser gun after coming out of the bullpen. Both pitchers have insane strikeout rates with Kopech averaging 13.4 per 9 and Bobby Jenks averaging 11.4 in 2005 in an era where strikeout rates were much lower.

Overall, it’s hard to compare the pitching staff of 2021 to that of 2005 because pitching philosophy has changed since then. Just like that season, the White Sox have four good starters they can use in the playoffs against Houston in Lucas Giolito, Lance Lynn, Carlos Rodon, and Dylan Cease.

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