The perfect 2022 Chicago White Sox off-season plan

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Chicago White Sox, Lance Lynn
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The Chicago White Sox needs to have their pitchers and catchers in order before 2022.

Backup Catcher:

The backup catcher is probably not the most important position but it would have been nice for the White Sox to have a real backup catcher in 2022. Seby Zavala and Zack Collins weren’t great for the White Sox in this role, which was exposed when Grandal got injured.

It’s too bad they didn’t keep Jonathan Lucroy who was released or James McCann who was overpaid by the New York Mets. Yermin Mercedes could get another chance at this role but that bridge may have been burned.

Starting Pitching:

The White Sox had one of the best rotations in the league in 2021 but they didn’t show up in the playoffs. The first priority should be to sign Carlos Rodon but if they can add an ace like Robbie Ray that would be really cool.

Dallas Keuchel had a rough year and some want him off the team but I would still give him another chance as the fifth starter. If he gets 160 innings pitched in 2022 then his 20 million option for 2023 is guaranteed so I’d move him to the bullpen if he doesn’t pitch well. That way you could replace him with Michael Kopech in the rotation.

Summary: In case this is too long for you to read, I think the White Sox should sign Semien, Schwarber, and re-sign Carlos Rodon. That would net at least 10 more wins for the White Sox (based on WAR), which would make them a 103 win team.

Take that and replace Dallas Keuchel with someone like Robbie Ray and you’re talking about a 110-win team. That’s probably getting greedy at that point but hopefully, the White Sox are able to expand their payroll enough to get their top three targets. 100 wins are within reach and the Chicago White Sox shouldn’t miss this opportunity.

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