Chicago White Sox: Carlos Rodon has a very interesting future

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Carlos Rodon has had a very interesting last 12 months. He pitched in the game three loss that the Chicago White Sox suffered in the 2020 postseason against the Oakland A’s. He was cut and then brought back during the offseason. In spring training, he had to beat out Reynaldo Lopez for the fifth spot in the regular-season rotation.

Not only did Rodon do that, but he also dominated through spring training. It bled into the regular season as well as he had a no-hitter in his second start after dominating his first start. From that point on, he was one of the best pitchers in the American League all season long.

Later in the year, however, he started dealing with arm soreness and fatigue which made him miss some starts. It also might have cost him a Cy Young award which is a sign of how good he was. He should be proud of the way things went this season.

Rodon’s last start of this season came in their last playoff game much like 2020. He started game four against the Houston Astros. He was questionable going into the playoffs because of his arm issues but he did get the nod. He was okay but the Astros were able to win the game and advance to the American League Championship series.

The Chicago White Sox has a serious decision with Carlos Rodon coming up soon.

It would have been nice to see how Rodon’s season would have gone if his arm was feeling well up until the end. He really helped the White Sox win the AL Central and was one of the most important pieces on the team. He rounded out one of the very best starting rotations in the entire league. Now, his future with the team going forward is in doubt.

He is now an unrestricted free agent. He can sign wherever he wants if he doesn’t accept the initial offer from the White Sox. Scott Boras is his agent and he is known for helping his clients get a very good amount of money. A lot of people won’t like it but business is business. Rodon deserves to get paid for everything he has done.

Whether his team in 2022 should be the White Sox is debatable. Obviously, we all want to see the pitcher who was dominant up until he lost his arm strength. That is invaluable production that you can’t just get from anyone.

They just have to decide if paying him a lot of money with his injury/inconsistent history is worth it. A contract like that could end up being albatross quickly or it could really help them in their quest to win the World Series. It will be interesting to see where this story goes as the offseason goes on.

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