Chicago White Sox: 3 players who definitely won’t be back

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Chicago White Sox, Ryan Tepera
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Chicago White Sox. Ryan Tepera. 51. player. 128. . RP

There is a chance that the Chicago White Sox don’t return Ryan Tepera in 2022.

The Chicago White Sox did make one good trade during the 2021 season. They acquired Ryan Tepera from the Chicago Cubs which turned out to be a very solid move for them. He was very good as the season went along for the White Sox and he pitched in some high leverage situations. He is going to get some nice offers from lots of teams during this offseason.

The White Sox might be one of the teams that go after him but that can’t be a guarantee. They have a lot of needs to address this offseason but they do need to make sure their bullpen stays productive. They underperformed in 2021 which is saying something because they were still pretty good.

If the White Sox brought him back it would be a pleasant surprise but it may not be that high on their priority list. It was fun to see him get the Houston Astros all riled up during the playoffs. Some people will say that he woke them up but that is nonsense. The Houston Astros were just the better team this year. It would be nice to see him back but don’t count on it.

There is certainly a chance that one or more of these guys play in a White Sox uniform next season but it doesn’t sound likely where we stand right now. The offseason will begin in a little over a week as we approach the World Series so it will be really run to see what happens here.

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