Chicago White Sox: Field of Dreams Game will stand the test of time

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The 18 or so months that led to the Field of Dreams Game in Iowa between the Chicago White Sox and New York Yankees was hard on a lot of people. The game was originally scheduled to be in 2020 before COVID-19 messed it up.

They were going to make a switch to the Cincinnati Reds to accommodate the new schedule but then smartly decided to wait until 2021. It turned out to be the highlight of the Major League Baseball regular season because the league decided to do it right.

Before the game was underway, the MLB and Field of Dreams put on a show. The star of the movie, Kevin Costner, came out of the corn and gave a speech to the small crowd in attendance. It was truly one of the coolest things that this sport has ever seen.

That movie means a lot to a lot of people and it showed on this night. Seeing the corn with a beautiful baseball diamond in the middle of it was so spectacular. Both teams involved in this game are the two prominent teams in the movie which made the theatre portion of the game so awesome.

The Chicago White Sox put on a show at the 2021 Field of Dreams Game in Iowa.

The White Sox started Lance Lynn on the mound. He was his usual awesome self. The White Sox had home runs early on from Jose Abreu, Eloy Jimenez, and Seby Zavala which had them out to a 7-3 lead.

Of course, the resilient Yankees climbed all the way back. Four runs in the top of the ninth gave the Yankees an 8-7 lead and made things look bleak for the White Sox. Luckily, Seby Zavala had a tremendous walk that took a battle at the plate to draw. After that came the most exciting ending to a game you will ever see.

Tim Anderson came up to bat as the batting order turned over. All we wanted was to see him do something that will get the game tied so that they can go to extra innings. Luckily, he smashed a ball opposite field into the corn and gave the White Sox the most exciting 9-8 victory of all time. It will go down as one of the best games the sport has ever seen.

As Anderson rounded the bases, fireworks blasted in centerfield over the corn and it was just so special. It showed that baseball is so beautiful and it also showed that the White Sox were not immune to comeback victories. That 2021 team was never truly out of a game.

A lot of people truly believe this is the most entertaining and special regular-season game of all time. They might water down the Field of Dreams Game now going forward but this first one will always be the most special. The Chicago Cubs and Cincinnati Reds will play in the 2021 edition of the game but this one with the White Sox and Yankees will truly stand the test of time.

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