Chicago White Sox: The 2022 Opening Day dream lineup

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Chicago White Sox, Marcus Semien
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If the Chicago White Sox can add some more power, their lineup will be perfect.

2. Marcus Semien (2B)

The Chicago White Sox needs a second baseman very badly. They traded Nick Madrigal in 2021 and Cesar Hernandez wasn’t the answer. They should really consider spending some money on the position going into 2022 and Marcus Semien would make a great addition.

He has legitimately become one of the best offensive players in baseball and could play some outstanding second base for the White Sox. Of course, they traded him away a few years ago in what became a big-time mistake. Now, it would be nice to see them make up for it by bringing him back. He would be perfect for the second spot in this lineup.

3. Jose Abreu (1B)

Jose Abreu has been the best hitter on the White Sox for his entire career. He is good fr 30 home runs and 100 or more RBIs every single season when he stays healthy. Nobody has had more RBIs since the start of 2019 than him which is incredibly impressive. He fell just shy of leading the league for the third year in a row in 2021.

Next year, Jose Abreu is hoping that he has fewer bumps and bruises than he did in 2021. He will never miss much time for things like that but it might allow him to be even better. Batting third behind two elite hitters like Anderson and Semien would be awesome.