Chicago White Sox: The 2022 Opening Day dream lineup

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Chicago White Sox, Luis Robert
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There is a lot of big-time power in the middle of the Chicago White Sox lineup.

4. Luis Robert (CF)

The Chicago White Sox has a complete superstar in Luis Robert. The beginning of his Major League Baseball career was somewhat hindered in terms of playing time because of COVID-19 and an injury in 2021. While on the field, however, he is probably the best player on the team. It is finally time t make him the cleanup hitter and keep him there.

Robert is a player who has a tremendous amount of power. He also can be an incredible contact hitter which is perfect for whatever is needed out of a cleanup hitter. With the offense that comes before and after him, he is the guy for this role.

5. Yasmani Grandal (C)

Yasmani Grandal is one of the best offensive catchers in the world. He hits the ball very hard and is an ideal power bat to have in the middle of a lineup like this. He also walks a lot which could set the tone for the hitters that follow him. Grandal, like Robert and Abreu, is someone who can hit in many parts of the lineup but this spot feels right.

6. Eloy Jimenez (LF)

As mentioned before, there are a few White Sox players who can hit in a few different spots and Eloy Jimenez is no different. However, it is fair to have him batting sixth which will spread out the power through the lineup. He might be the best power bat in the lineup which makes him batting sixth incredibly dangerous.