Chicago White Sox: Marcus Semien’s new agent might be a problem

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(Photo by Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images) /

There is a very good market for shortstops in Major League Baseball this year. Guys like Carlos Correa and Corey Seager lead the class but there are five or six really good players. A few of them would be wise to play some second base for the Chicago White Sox next year if they want to get paid and have a chance at a World Series championship.

One of those players is Marcus Semien. He was once a member of the White Sox but he was traded away before he had the chance to become a superstar. Now, he is one of the very best hitters in the league. The White Sox would have a significantly better lineup if they added this guy.

He is one of the top players that are going to be considered in free agency this year for the White Sox and other teams across the league. If they want him, there is a bit of somewhat fresh news that might make it harder than usual.

Marcus Semien has hired Scott Boras to be his new agent going into free agency. This is trouble for the White Sox as that means he will be more expensive and tougher to sign. Boras is going to have his client wait out the other big free agents and take advantage of the teams that missed.

The Chicago White Sox should try and land a really good player for second base.

Some people might think that the White Sox don’t have a chance because of Boras. That is just not really true, however, as Dallas Keuchel and Carlos Rodon both signed with the Sox as Boras clients. He is just a good (which makes him hated) agent that plays hardball with MLB teams. Lots of fanbases probably think that Boras hates their team.

Semien would be a perfect fit for the White Sox. If Rick Hahn, Kenny Williams, and Tony La Russa believe that as well, they should deal with Scott Boras in order to land him. This team has a legit chance to win the World Series soon if they make some smart moves going forward.

Boras signing Semien as a client certainly ins’t good news but it doesn’t have to be news that ends the White Sox chances of landing him. He used to play for the team and they have to be an appealing team based on their trajectory. If he is willing to come, the White Sox need to consider paying him what he is worth because he is awesome.

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