Chicago White Sox: 2021 grade for Brian Goodwin

(Photo by Ron Vesely/Getty Images)
(Photo by Ron Vesely/Getty Images) /

The Chicago White Sox dealt with a lot of injuries in 2021. That makes their AL Central Division crown even better because they weren’t t full strength for most of the season. They got there with the help of some unexpected depth. One of those players this year was Brian Goodwin. He was a good player when he needed to be one and the White Sox benefit from it multiple times.

Goodwin was released by the Pirates in May. Two days later, he was signed by the Chicago White Sox. He didn’t appear to be someone that would play a lot of games this year but he sure did. He wasn’t a superstar by any means but he did have a flair for the dramatic.

He had a few hits that won the White Sox baseball games which is exactly what they needed. His stats were very subpar but they don’t tell the story of his year. Without him, they might have had fewer wins than they had with him.

Goodwin also seemed to be a fun person to have on the White Sox. He brought energy and smiles that are needed in order to win games over a long season. Leadership like that coming from a depth player like Goodwin was much appreciated. It was obvious that the younger players on the team enjoyed having him around which is worth something.

2021 Final Grade: C

Goodwin gets a C. It might sound like he deserves a higher grade but he didn’t have the greatest stats. His OPS was under .700 and he actually had a negative WAR. However, he doesn’t get a D or an F because of the things he brought to the team that doesn’t show up on the stat sheets. Tony La Russa clearly loved using this guy for a reason.

2022 Expectations:

Brian Goodwin officially became a free agent on November 5th. There is a slight chance that he finds his way back in Chicago but it should be considered unlikely. As good as he was for the clubhouse, there need to be upgrades made at every position in order for the team to become a World Series Champion.

Unfortunately, Goodwin is one of those players that needs to be upgraded. The Sox are going to address their outfield in a big way over the offseason which absolutely pushes Goodwin out. Hopefully, he is able to find his way to another team and have success in 2022.

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