Chicago White Sox: 3 buy-low candidates to sign on a 1-year deal

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Chicago White Sox, Rick Hahn

(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

It’s hot stove season for the Chicago White Sox and others. During this time of year, most fans are focused on the big-name free agents. Star players who command multi-year contracts worth absurd figures. While it is easy to focus on where some of the best players in the league wind up in free agency, there is something to be said for bargain-buy shopping.

Every year, teams find a diamond in the rough. A cheap player that is brought in on a one-year prove-it deal who has a breakout season is always nice. Take Carlos Rodon for example. The White Sox non-tendered him only to pull him off the scrap heap a few weeks later. Rodon put together an All-Star season and revitalized his career, making the White Sox one-year deal look like a steal.

For contending teams, these buy low type deals should not be used to construct a full roster. However, these types of players could serve as the finishing touches to supplement a team primed for a playoff run like the White Sox.

Outside of the White Sox glaring needs in right field and second base, there are other areas that they could use some depth. The White Sox are still searching for answers in the bullpen. There are also questions about whether Leury Garcia will return.

The Chicago White Sox has some cheap depth options to consider this winter.

Good playoff teams have depth and flexibility on the bench. If Rick Hahn is going to dish out big money to a free agent, then he is going to have to try and find some buy-low options. These three could be the perfect candidates to take a flier on. All of these players have risks involved and some flaws. But they are cheap, low risk, and could pay dividends if they pan out.

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