White Sox: 3 wild Craig Kimbrel trade packages with Phillies

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Chicago White Sox, Craig Kimbrel
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The Chicago White Sox could land some good prospects in a Craig Kimbrel deal.

The Chicago White Sox have a bunch of different roads they can take in a Craig Kimbrel trade. One of them could be to just send him to a team willing to give up some pretty good prospects. They are never going to get back what they gave up during this offseason but they can still end up getting some really nice players.

In a trade like this, each team might be getting what they need. Erik Miller is a left-handed pitcher that currently sits as the number nine prospect in Phillies’ farm system. Casey Martin is a shortstop that is currently ranked as the number 13 prospect in that system so there isn’t much separation between the two. Each of them has a fair chance of playing in the MLB on a full-time basis but is not guaranteed.

Casey Martin would be someone that could be considered a backup because we know that Tim Anderson is going to be the shortstop for a long time on this team. However, you never know what he develops into which could help with injuries or even another trade down the line. In the case of Miller, you have a left-handed arm that is very solid, and collecting as many of those as you can is a good idea.