White Sox: 3 wild Craig Kimbrel trade packages with Phillies

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Chicago White Sox, Jean Segura
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The Chicago White Sox could use Craig Kimbrel to land them an actual team need.

The Chicago White Sox needs help at second base. Everyone wants them to land Marcus Semien and for good reason. He is one of the best hitters in the world and should absolutely be explored. There is no doubt that he should be one of the top options on the market for them right now. However, there is a good plan B if it doesn’t work out.

The Chicago White Sox could trade Craig Kimbrel to the Philadelphia Phillies for their second baseman. Jean Segura is a great player and would fit in on the Chicago White Sox very well as they try to stack the middle of their infield. The talents he brings are perfect as the new second baseman and using Kimbrel to get him would be really smart for both sides.

In 2021, Segura slashed .290/.348/.436 for an OPS of .784. That is a great slash line for him as he also hit 14 home runs and had 58 RBIs with 76 runs scored. Adding that level of production to the White Sox lineup in place of what it got in 2021 from that position would be great. If this happened and they added a legit outfielder to play right, it would be an elite batting order in all nine spots.