Leury Garcia continues his run with the Chicago White Sox

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(Photo by Ron Vesely/Getty Images) /

The Chicago White Sox have been mostly quiet so far during this mad MLB free agent season. However, that might begin to change soon. They made a small move but it may be one that helps them from time to time over the next few seasons as they are bringing back Leury Garcia.

He is coming back on a three-year deal as he was set to be a free agent capable of signing with any team in the league. Instead, the longest-tenured White Sox player will be returning to the south side where he belongs.

There are going to be some people upset with this move but there is no reason to be. He is a good utility player to have on the roster. You might not want him starting 150 games like the other regular players but he has proven time and time again that he can be valuable.

Injuries forced him to play more than he probably should have in 2021 but he performed admirably. It took him a little bit to get his bat going but he was very helpful once that finally happened.

The Chicago White Sox are bringing back Leury Garcia on a three-year deal.

He slashed .267/.335/.376 for an OPS of .711. He had five home runs, 54 RBIs, and 60 runs scored over his 126 games played. All of this along with his defense accumulated a WAR of 2.1 which isn’t bad at all for a utility player.

If he is able to have another year like this, with maybe a little less playing time, the White Sox will certainly be happy to have him. Injuries also happen to every team during every season and he is a better replacement than most teams have in the league. He also has the ability to play pretty much every defensive position which makes him even more valuable.

Of course, his biggest moment in 2021 came during the American League Division Series against the Houston Astros. He took advantage of a Dusty Baker pitching change mistake by blasting a 3 run home run to give the White Sox a 6-5 lead. They ended up winning that game which was the biggest game the team has played in the last decade or more.

They ended up losing the series but it gave them hope for the time being. The fact that he is capable of providing sparks like that throughout the season makes him even more valuable than his above-average utility status. With Leury Garcia on the roster as a backup, the White Sox are a better team.

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